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    The Big Boss (1971)



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    The Big Boss (1971)

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    Cheng is a Chinese man from Guangdong who moved to Thailand along with his cousins. They got jobs at an ice factory. When a block of ice was accidentally broken, something that looked like a block of white powder came out. Later that night, the two cousins who discovered the heroin were asked to stay to see the manager. They were told that there are better jobs for them. Apparently, the factory is a front for a drug smuggling ring led by the Big Boss, Hsiao Mi. The cousins were offered good positions. When they declined, they were murdered.

    Hsiao Mi attempted to cover up the murders, but Cheng and his surviving cousins became suspicious. Hsiao Mi distracted Cheng by promoting him to foreman and providing him with alcohol and prostitutes. However, out of affection, one of the prostitutes revealed the truth to Cheng. He broke into the factory one night and discovered, to his horror, his cousins' corpses. Cheng's snooping around was immediately discovered by a gang led by Hsiao Mi's son, Hsiao Chiun.

    Cheng defeated the gang and killed many, including Hsiao Chiun. Unfortunately he returned home only to find that his entire family has been murdered. Cheng exacted revenge by killing Hsiao Mi in the final fight, by stabbing him with his own fingers. He then surrendered to the police.
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