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    Despite being titled "Turok", the title is treated as a series reboot and bears no relation to the continuity of the previous games or to the comic books.

    The game is set in a futuristic type setting,Joseph may be a later version of Joseph Fireseed or a new generation of the Fireseed family.The facts are unknown.

    The player takes the role of Joseph Turok. Previously, Turok was a member of Wolf Pack, a specialized military detachment whose members were trained in black ops by General Roland Kane. After a falling out with the group, Turok was reassigned back to the military and was eventually made the newest member of Whiskey Company—a team that has been assembled to apprehend his former mentor and return him to Earth. Formerly 'General' Kane, he had supposedly disappeared three years earlier only to have surfaced once again on a world under the jurisdiction of the Mendel-Gruman (M-G) Corporation.

    At first, the crew shuns him thinking that he is an inexperienced fighter, untrustworthy, and a liability. One particular member, Slade, ( Who also hates walking!) has a grudge against Turok because his brother was killed in the same battle from which Turok had reputedly fled, earning him his dubious reputation. Unbeknownst to the team, Roland Kane is in command of a secret paramilitary force working for Mendel-Gruman.

    On approach to their target, the starship they are in is shot down from orbit and crash lands on the terraformed surface where Turok quickly learns that the dinosaurs inhabiting its jungles were created with accelerated evolution. Through several adventures, Turok and the surviving marines eventually discover that Kane has created a Soldier bug-based biotoxin with deadly and immediate effects that disperses harmlessly after use, making it an ideal first strike weapon. Whiskey Company comes up with a plan to stop Kane and escape the planet but in the ensuing battle, most of the crew are killed by many of Kane's soldiers and dinosaurs, including a giant eel-like creature that serves as a boss. The survivors manage to penetrate Kane's defenses and sabotage the base. Only Slade, Shepherd, and Turok manage to make it to the spaceship and make ready to leave, but Turok is left behind at his request to head back into the ruins and face Kane. After an ensuing battle, Kane is defeated by Turok in a knife duel.

    Shortly after Kane's death, an attacking T. rex charges into the scene which Turok is forced to fight with weapons scattered across the landing area where the battle had taken place. After finally defeating the T. rex, Slade and Shepherd return to pick up Turok and leave the hostile world for Earth.


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