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    Friendship/Dosti Messages



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    Friendship/Dosti Messages

    Post  Admin on Fri Feb 13, 2009 11:24 pm

    What is the difference

    between blood and you?

    Blood enters the heart

    and flows out

    but you entered the heart

    and stayed there.

    God is wise

    that he did not put

    a price tag on you sweetheart.

    Coz, If He did,

    I won’t be able to afford

    a boyfriend/girlfriend

    as precious as you.

    Happy Valentines Day To You..

    Happiness is not something

    u postpone for the future.

    It’s something u desire

    for the present.

    Make each moment

    a happy one.

    I hv by remembering U!

    You Are My Cute Mobile…

    Aap Mobile ki tarah ho,

    Khwab mein aate ho

    SMS ki tarah,

    Dil mein bas jaate ho

    Ring Tone ki tarah;

    Mohabbat aapki hai

    Full Network ki tarah,

    Hum ko bhool na jaana

    Kisi Phone Number ki tarah

    The Day I Met You!

    Once upon a time,

    something happened to me.

    It was the sweetest thing

    that ever could be,

    it was a fantasy,

    a dream come true.

    It was the day

    I met u!

    Happy Valentine’s Day To You!

    My Wish For My Valentine…

    It’s time for me

    to make a wish for U……..

    ….(wishin) ….

    ….(wishin) ….

    done !

    Do u know

    what I asked 4?

    I asked God

    to make u happy

    all day long.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Unki Ek Nazar…

    unki ek nazar ko taraste rahenge,

    ye aansoo bhi har pal baraste rahenge,

    kabhi beete the kuch pal unke sath,

    bas yahi sochkar hum hanste rahenge.

    A Warm Hello!

    A warm “hello”

    doesn’t come from the lips,

    it comes from the heart;

    doesn’t have to be told,

    it has to be shown;

    need not be given,

    can be sent.

    Text me na.

    Aap Hamare Paas Hain…

    Aap ki yaadon k rahte hum tanha nahi…

    Aap ko hum yad na karen aisa koi lamha nahi…

    Aap ki yadein hi aapka ehsas hain…

    har waqt lagta hai aap humare paas hain… GUD9IT.

    Life Is A Movie


    When it ends NA TUM JANO NA HUM,

    So lets do MASTI 2gether,

    who knows KAL HO NA HO,

    but whenever u need a friend,


    Promise of Friendship…

    We met

    it was LUCK!

    we talked

    it was CHANCE!

    we became frds

    it was DESTINY!

    we r still frds

    it is FAITH!

    We will always b frds

    it’s a PROMISE!

    Fr dambhare

    SMS Ka Reply…

    Roshni de kar doob jana

    koi suraj se seekhe,

    dil de kar dard lena

    koi hum se seekhe,

    kuch na de kar dil lena

    koi un se seekhe,

    SMS le kar reply na dena

    koi aap se seekhe…!

    Some One Special

    Of all the friends

    i’ve ever met

    you’re the one

    I won’t forget

    if I die before you do

    I’ll go to Heaven & wait for you.

    God alone knows

    when I depart,

    so I’m letting you know

    you’re Special in my Heart.

    SMS Ka Khatra…

    Patthar se dosti, jaan ko khatra.

    Sardar se dosti, dimaag ko khatra.

    Sharaab se dosti, Liver ko khatra.

    Hum se dosti, raat be raat SMS ka khatra.

    I Wish….....

    ()”. .”() whatever
    ( o ) mood u r
    (,,)|(,,) in now..

    i wish some how
    ()”. _”() my msg
    ( o, ) makes u
    (,,)|(,,) smile!!!

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